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How to care for and maintain your cotton t-shirts in good condition

We have all once had shirt that we love and that we wanted to last forever , but after a short time it ended up breaking. When this happens, we are very sorry to lose that much-loved garment, but that surely has been defective due to a bad wash and we did not know it. Cotton t-shirts require a lot of care and here we teach you how to care for and maintain your cotton t-shirts in good condition , so that they last longer and extend their life.

Washing mode

This step is very important since it can be one of the steps that ruins your t-shirts, whether they are white or with some pattern . These are some of the tips when washing your clothes:

  • Separate colored clothes with white clothes. This is essential so that that white shirt does not end up in another color because you have mixed other clothes with it.
  • Wash clothes inside out . This is a trick that many do not know and is very effective . By turning it over, we get the material inside to be more exposed to washing and to resist more , in addition, you will prevent it from wearing out.
  • It is recommended to wash the garments with cold water and at a temperature less than 30 degrees , because it could destroy the shirt.
  • Use mild and neutral detergents , these are less aggressive for the garment since they are more delicate with cotton.

How to dry cotton t-shirts

  • Totally avoid the dryer . Putting your cotton t-shirts in the dryer is one of the most common mistakes that we don’t realize we make, so when you put them in you run the risk of the garment shrinking.
  • Let them air dry. Drying your t-shirts in a traditional way is always a good option, the garment will not suffer as much if you hang it in a cool place .

Ironing mode

To iron clothes you have to be very careful or we can spoil the garment.

  • Always iron clothes at less than 160 degrees . Cotton fibers wrinkle easily so you have to be very careful with the temperature .
  • Use the water spray from the iron . It is the most effective way to iron your t-shirts so that they do not get damaged.
  • One piece of advice that we give you is to place your clothes directly on a hanger , so you will prevent them from wrinkling and you can use them without ironing many times, so they break less.

These are some of the tips on how to care for and maintain your cotton t-shirts in good condition that we at Emilio Iglesias have wanted to teach you, but remember that you always have to read the manufacturer’s label since it specifies the specific washing and drying mode for each garment. With these recommendations you will make your cotton t-shirts last longer and you can wear them in an almost new state.

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