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Black, the most elegant color in fashion

Black is associated with the secret, the dark, the magical and the mysterious, but also with  elegance, sophistication and sobriety. According to color psychology, when we wear black we are creating a kind of barrier between ourselves and the world, trying to ‘hide’ our feelings and emotions. But as we also said, wearing black means showing security , power and tremendous elegance that is capable of projecting intimidation and power.


According to expert opinion, this may have its origins in the 20th century , when simple black garments were reserved for women in mourning. And it makes perfect sense, since this color helps us to ‘reserve’ our emotions and put up a protective barrier that is practically impossible to jump over.


Security, authority and power are other traits associated with people who wear black. In fact, it is the color chosen by people of high power to convey authority and discipline. For its part, it is also said that Chanel was the forerunner of using black in women’s clothing, giving it a new air of sobriety, elegance and modernity. The Little Black Dress was the origin and is synonymous with glamour, elegance, practicality and sensuality . Little by little, this trend of black was dominating fashion and becoming the favorite color of many women in the world.


In black in fashion

The absence of light allows us to ‘disguise’ certain parts of our body that we may want to go unnoticed in certain looks or outfits. As you already know, wearing black stylizes the figure and gives a much slimmer appearance. Of course, that we have curves does not mean that we should reject bright and bright colors in some of our clothes, as we told you in our previous article entitled ‘Find your style and dress as you want’.


Black is also a success combined with other striking colors that allow us to create spectacular contrasts full of personality. For example, if you wear a black look but notice that your face lacks color, choose to add a necklace in a color that favors your skin type. The closer to the face that color is, the better. Black is a very easy color to combine and whenever we talk about it the same phrase comes to mind: “Black combines with everything”. And it’s true, any color looks wonderful next to the darkest color in the color palette. The key is to find the ideal balance.


As for fashion, black is an essential color that every season has a place in our closet. Below we show you some of the garments that we have available in black for you.

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