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About us

Happy Life represents the entrepreneurial and dreamy woman who materializes her dreams with tenacity and persistence.

The designs in my line represent an Empowering Inspiration for women.

It is unique for its design that includes shiny accessories, a series of small crystals that add a touch of shine, subtle and elegant that give it a luxurious look.

These embellishments make it stand out and perfect for special occasions or for those looking for a touch of glamor in their daily wardrobe.

It is a high quality line, some designs have hand finishes, motivating messages, it is very versatile, fresh, comfortable that transmits life with its designs and colors.


It is being an example of entrepreneurship and success, creating opportunities for people with a growth mindset and in this way obtaining the wholesale product at affordable prices, creating their own business from any field.


It is creating high-quality garments that reflect elegance and timeless style.


We strive to offer sustainable and ethical fashion by committing to caring for the planet and empowering our customers to feel confident and express their personality through our clothing.


To be the best option in the market, creating business and growth opportunities for women, in addition to having a presence in the best store chains worldwide, always maintaining the best prices with the best quality, consolidating the brand in a line of maximum . quality accessible to all socioeconomic levels.

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Our history

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A few facts about us

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Meet our team

Marlene Hayes


Steve Greer


Juanita Berry


Jessie Campbell


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